'Don't just want the body, reach it'

How was this Journey Born?

Throughout my 10-year fitness industry experience I have encountered many people who would love Personal Training to assist and educate them in achieving and sustaining their body, mind and health goals. However, the problem is, we all have bills to pay which place considerable pressure on our disposable income – making the conventional style of Personal Training a luxury item. Convenience issues and/or a lack of simplicity AKA analyses paralyses are also potential barriers to the uptake of Personal Training.

Since I first started BODYREACH and undertaking Personal Training, I have always wanted to develop an affordable, accessible and effective method of delivering Personal Training to the masses. However, I was always informed by other health professionals “if they want your services enough they will pay irrespective of the cost”. This in my experience has not held true as I have encountered many people who have expressed a desire for personal training, but due to cost reasons have not followed through with their initial interest.

These issues have resulted in the development and promotion of our online BODYREACH Journey – an affordable goal driven personal training programme tailored to each individual’s specific requirements!

Welcome to The Body Reach Journey…

Firstly, you will receive BODYREACH’s tailored nutrition protocols which outline maintenance calories, fat loss calorie targets, training and none training calorie goals, macro percentages, water requirements, neat (general activity; walking, gardening etc.) and fibre recommendations to kick-start fat loss.​​​​​​​

Secondly, a choice of the BODYREACH themed training programs (a choice of five catering for a variety of differing goals including fitness, fat loss, strength or muscle gain and regimes from home or the gym) so you can choose one that complements your lifestyle and matches your transformation goals – ensuring that your transformation potential is maximised. The programmes can be updated whenever required, but most commonly every 6-12 weeks.

What does the BODYREACH journey entail?

Firstly, you will receive BODYREACH tailored nutrition protocols such as; maintenance calories, fat loss calorie targets, training and none training calorie goals, macro percentages, water, neat (general activity; walking, gardening etc.) and fibre recommendations to kick start fat loss. Secondly, a choice of the BODYREACH themed training programs (a choice of 5 catering for a variety of differing goals such as; fitness, fat loss, strength or muscle gain and regimes from home or the gym) so you can choose one that most relates to your lifestyle and goals to enhance results. They can be updated whenever you like but most commonly every 6-12+ weeks.

Lastly, you are added to a private BODYREACH community where you will have access to expert guidance, knowledge, questions answered 24/7 (no questions unqualified or too silly), camaraderie within a support network of others on a similar journey. In addition, bi-weekly check-in assessments (adherence questions, weigh ins, measurements, picture progress, workout to workout progression comparisons) ensure continued accountability and navigation through your journey to avoid the inevitable plateau’s/barriers which can derail so many – obstacles are there to be knocked over. You will also have access to your own private BODYREACH Journey portal which includes a wealth of educational nutrition/technique/exercise tutorial videos!

Why do we do this?

Although signing-up to a personal training program is relatively straightforward, adhering and committing to the requirements of a training regime is where most people experience difficulty, partly due to lack of knowledge, guidance and accountability. Consequently, BODYREACH have incorporated bi-weekly check-ins into the journey process which ensure that you remain on track and enable the programme and goals to be regularly fine-tuned. It is essential that the journey represents a fundamental part of your lifestyle to ensure that your transformation is maintained going forward.

Maintaining motivation levels throughout the transformation phase is critical. Membership of the private BODYREACH community group ensures that all the key ‘drivers’ (i.e. nutrition, training and accountability) are continually evaluated and supported; therefore making sure you stay motivated, consistent, adaptable and most importantly inspired by other BODYREACH journey makers’ transformations.

What is our diet style?

Briefly, we do not remove all of your favourite foods, however, we place an emphasis on balance and consistency – avoiding binges, but enabling variety and avoiding diet boredom.  The BODYREACH journey is not a diet fad as MANY of my current customers can vouch for.

Tell me More

The journey starts when you are added to the on-going accountability, support and private BODYREACH Facebook community – sharing and learning from other BODYREACH journey makers! At this point you will have received your tailored nutrition protocols. This valuable resource is the part of the journey that costs £10 per month with an initial £30 upfront to set your individual and tailored foundations. Also included are exercise technique tutorials, nutrition and training educational tutorials (in your private portal) and progression check-ins every 2 weeks.

The BODYREACH training programs (once you have purchased your first one) are separate to the ongoing community support and are on a pay-as-you need basis. In terms of the training, we have a variety of themed programmes to match your specific goals and personal circumstances. The themed training programmes can be undertaken within your home environment with or without equipment or are gym based (be sure to choose one that fits with where you will be training from). The duration of each training programme phase ranges from 6-12 weeks (25-40 minutes per session) subject to the individual’s commitment and progress rate, and are purchased on an individual basis (£30 per program). They also have three program upgrades per theme as informed below.

Following the successful completion of your chosen themed BODYREACH  training programme phase, you will advance to the next stage where the level of difficulty increases to ensure that you are not only safely and consistently progressing in terms of strength, athleticism and capability, but also providing you with new stimulus/puzzle for your body to adapt, solve, improve and thrive. The diversity of exercises assigned to each training programme also adds versatility and freshness to each training session which prevents boredom and ensures that you technically improve across all exercise groups.

After the successful completion of the pre-programmed phases you have the opportunity to switch to a tailored program design for £69.99, developed by BODYREACH in partnership with you to match your lifestyle and specific goals (for example more exercises directed toward the glute muscles to further sculpt your clay!)

Exercise form feedback can also be added onto your BODYREACH journey for an extra £9.99 per month where we provide technical pointers on all your key lifts once per month. This can enable you to safely assess your foundational capabilities, understand your strength profile and ultimately develop muscle shape quicker! The total start-up cost of this journey is £70 (training program, nutrition tailored protocols and bi-weekly check-ins).

BODYREACH’s journey (training programs, nutrition starter package and community group) are equivalent to the cost of 24 cups of coffee. I spend an intangible, but certainly worth it, £70 or so per month on a daily coffee from Starbucks/Costa. Perception is everything! The monthly membership of our BODYREACH community (£10) is equivalent to only three cups of coffee!

3 Pillars of Success

Three BODYREACH Pillars of Success: –

  • Nutrition;
  • Training; and
  • Accountability

Why are the N.T.A. Pillars fundamentally important?

Starting your BODYREACH journey with all three Pillars in place ensures that you begin with a solid foundation – you would not construct a building on quick sand! It is easy to receive training and/or nutrition programmes, however the majority of people will not consistently adhere to them due to lack of knowledge, guidance and accountability – impacting progress/transformation. Consequently, BODYREACH have included regularly and affordable check-ins protocols via the private BODYREACH community portal ensuring that you maintain focus throughout your transformation journey and your goals are a central part of your lifestyle now, but also in the future.

Many individuals commence their journey with bags of motivation, but motivation has a limited battery and when life gets in the way people ultimately quit. Our private BODYREACH community keeps all three N.T.A.  pillars supported, meaning you stay consistent, adaptable and focused, but are also inspired/influenced by other journey makers.

My goal is to help 50 people transform in 2019!

Are you going to be ONE of them?

As a side note, you will need occasional access to a computer/laptop so that you can utilise our user-friendly spreadsheet calculator (not accessible via mobile).


BODYREACH do NOT want people to join the journey who are lazy, have too many excuses and/or think that BODYREACH must do all of the work for them – a successful transformation will only be achieved through partnership working. BODYREACH want people who are serious about and dedicated to achieving their specific goals, however current lack of focus and knowledge has limited success. BODYREACH cannot train and track food for you, but will promise to educate and relay absolutely every minutia of information/coding that you need to succeed on your personal BODYREACH journey .

This is NOT a fad diet, see-sawing from one unsustainable extreme to another – it’s a BODYREACH lifestyle change through partnership working.

What is BODYREACH’s Philosophy – Education and Simplicity.

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