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Are You Ready to take the BODYREACH journey?

Quality Personal Training has been a luxury item only available to a few.

No More

BODYREACH  has devised an affordable and quality personal training journey which is accessible to everyone. BODYREACH  is very proud of this on-line service as our goal has always been to make a difference and to serve the many, not the few.

On the BODYREACH journey you will join our private members only Facebook group which provides on-going 24-7 support, motivation, education and accountability. The BODYREACH journey makers are a united team with a common objective and focus – transformation success!

The BODYREACH community is a place where we push each other – breaking through barriers, holding each another accountable and influencing/motivating one another to reach our full potential and succeed in our physique and health goals!

Accountability check-ins are scheduled with the BODYREACH team every two weeks and include a personalized response from BODYREACH in regards to your progress, responding to any queries and fine-tuning your customised programme to ensure continued and successful progress through your BODYREACH transformation journey.

Facebook Community

Join our ever expanding Facebook community group which includes ongoing support, education, guidance, check in assessments to continue progression, accountability and camaraderie within a community, there is also a private portal with informational tutorials included.

Tailored Spreadsheet Calculations

Specific calculations based on your specific body statistics to ignite your fat loss or muscle building journey including; calories, macros, sleep, water recommendations and more.

Choice of Training Plans

Choose a program that suits your individual need, life and goals.

Video Tutorials

An array of Informative, private videos including topics on nutrition and training.

Nutrition and Training

Video Tutorials

An array of Informative, private YouTube videos including; diet hacks, myths, fat loss education, what fancy words like BMR and TDEE mean and why they are so important to fat loss, why fiber is important, what macros are, the importance of protein, how to use My Fitness Pal, how long fat loss cycles should last, how to time them best, why it’s so important to practice the same exercises for extended periods, the mind muscle connection, technique videos to improve your understanding of weight lifting, does fat turn into muscle, what progressive overload is and muscle gain expectations and much more!

Price Comparison.

“The equivalent to 3 cups of coffee!”

Our training programs or the nutrition starter payment are around the equivalent of 9-12 cups of coffee and I mention this because I have 1 Starbucks/Costa (two timer i know) minimum per day, 6 days a week which costs me an intangible…but worth it £70 or so per month. Perception is everything! Our Body Reach community monthly membership is the equivalent to 3 cups of coffee!

Prices and Packages

– with no hidden costs!

Nutrition upfront cost of £30 to lay the foundations.

Training themed program upfront cost £30 for your structured regime specific to your goals. These are updated every 6-12 weeks or so.

After these initial payments you then get continued monthly support for £10 per month.

The Metabolic Health Check

The health check Includes finding out how fast your metabolism is running. We find this out based on your current calorie consumptions before you start our journey and compare these calories to where they should be based on your specific statistics. We then figure out from the difference between these two numbers whether or not your metabolism requires speeding up to really compliment your fat loss phase.

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